Mooresville Monuments and Gifts

Monuments and memorial gifts for Mooresville and central Indiana.

About Us

At Mooresville Monuments & Memorial Gifts, we can help you create a beautiful marker or monument that will stand the test of time and share your loved one’s story for generations to come. We also offer memorial gifts as keepsakes for yourself or to share with friends and family.

Our Monuments

Our monuments are crafted of the highest quality stone or metal. From the smallest marker to the largest upright monument, you will find something that can create a legacy for your family. Artwork, photos and special shapes are available to reflect your loved one’s unique life journey.

Our Work

While our business has been open since 2016, our staff have been assisting families with creating monuments for decades through our local funeral homes. Our monuments can be seen throughout cemeteries in central Indiana and beyond.

Our Process

Step One

Meet with Us

Make an appointment to meet with us where you share details about your loved one, your budget and your preferences.

Step Two

Make Your Selections

View our outdoor monument display and sample photos to select the shape, color and elements to include in your monument, such as artwork.

Step Three

Design Together

Watch as we create your monument design with our state-of-the-art software. We will fine tune the design based on your input until it is perfect.

Memorial Gifts

Whether you wish to share a gift with a grieving friend, or remember your own loved once in a special way, our selection of memorial gifts will last long after the funeral is over.