Our Process

Step One

Meet with Us

Make an appointment to meet with us where you share details about your loved one, your budget and your preferences.

Step Two

Make Your Selections

View our outdoor monument display and sample photos to select the shape, color and elements to include in your monument, such as artwork.

Step Three

Design Together

Watch as we create your monument design with our state-of-the-art software. We will fine tune the design based on your input until it is perfect.

When you’re ready to select a marker or monument, we invite you to make an appointment at our Mooresville office. Please feel free to bring a family member or two who would like to help the process and any design ideas you may have gathered. Have a budget in mind of what you would like to spend.

At your appointment, we will guide you through our outdoor monument display and our print and digital collection of options. Our monument specialist can help you select the type of marker or monument, as well as the size, color and shape.

Once we have design elements selected, we begin to create your marker or monument. We use a state-of-the-art program to build your memorial. Our conference area includes a screen which allows you to view your monument as it’s being designed. You can help us select the artwork, wording and other special touches that honor your loved one in just the right way.

At your appointment or soon after, you can approve and pay for your monument. At the time of purchase, we can provide an estimate on the installation date, which is dependent on factors such as the type of stone used, the complexity of the marker or monument, weather and other factors.

Monuvision screenshot